There are many reasons to choose dental implants over dentures. If you are considering a partial or full set of dentures, then you should consider an alternative. Many people have chosen dental implants even after having dentures. They prefer the implants. Rather than waste money on dentures, why not get the implants to begin with?

Dental Implants Are More Hygienic Than Dentures

Before you consider getting dentures, it is important to understand the cleaning process. You will be required to take the dentures out of your mouth at night and soak them in a cleaning solution. This is bothersome, as well as embarrassing for many people. No one likes the look of teeth sitting in a glass. That is a stereotypical joke in many movies and television shows.

With dental implants, you can brush your teeth like you always have. You don't need to use any special cleaning process. You don't have to dedicated a special place in your bathroom for your teeth, as you do with dentures. The implants always stay in your mouth.

Also, dentures can often times cause you to get sick. If they are not cleaned and cared for, they can become covered in bacteria.

Dental Implants Are More Stable Than Dentures

One of the major problems people who wear dentures have is keeping them secure. When you wear dentures, you need to use an adhesive. This adhesive can be applied like a paste or with strips. Either way, it is a bothersome task. Many people find that their dentures become loose during the day in hot weather. Sometimes, you will have to reapply the adhesive.

Dental implants require no adhesive because they are secured to your jawbone. They remain in place without any effort on your part. They don't get loose in warm weather or after you drink hot beverages.

Dental Implants Feel More Natural

Many people who have dental implants say they feel like regular teeth. They might have a few teeth, or a full set. The implants feel more natural because they are attached to the bone. They don't shift around in your mouth.

Dentures, on the other hand, are always something you place in your mouth and take out. They don't feel natural. This is why many people who wear dentures don't like to put them in unless they have to. Otherwise, it is common for a denture wearer to leave them out.

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