Do you have varicose veins? If so, there are a number of treatment options, and some of them are less invasive than surgical interventions. Endovenous laser therapy is sometimes abbreviated as EVLT or ELT, and it is one of these alternatives to surgery. There are specific circumstances that may prompt your doctor to recommend EVLT instead of surgery. Read on to discover what those unique circumstances are. 

Eliminate Veins Left After Surgery

Sometimes doctors perform surgeries to eliminate varicose veins. After healing, they may notice that some of the smaller veins, which are sometimes called spider veins, are left behind. Rather than subjecting patients to additional surgeries, they opt for EVLT.

Improved Circulation

Some people do not have complications from their varicose veins. There are others who find them painful. Those who have pain may experience it due to poor circulation which is improved by eliminating the affected veins.

Poor circulation can also lead to pressure in the veins. The pressure can cause blood pooling and eventually lead to leg ulcers.

Improved Appearance

There are a number of people who go to their doctors simply because they do not like having varicose veins. Doctors may recommend EVLT to these patients because they do not have any serious complications from their varicose veins. Under these circumstances, the procedure is borderline a cosmetic procedure, and EVLT is a highly effective way to get their legs looking great.

Benefits Of EVLT

Does Not Require Strong Medications

Endovenous laser therapy is often performed under local anesthesia which means that patients are awake during the procedure. Doctors may choose to sedate some patients with general anesthesia. For example, some patients have a history of not responding well to local anesthesia because it does not numb them, and they can still feel pain.

Post-surgery strong medications are usually not needed. Most patients can control their pain by taking over-the-counter medications. 

Shorter Recovery Times

Following an EVLT procedure, patients are required to walk around for a short time. You may feel some tightness and soreness for up to a week post-operation. Normal activities can resume a few days after the surgery. If you are a very active person, your doctor may instruct you to wait longer before returning to rigorous activities such as working out. During the recovery time, patients must wear compression socks to maintain vein integrity.

Vein specialists, such as Vein Clinic Of Las Vegas, are the best resource to use if you have concerns about varicose veins. There are a number of treatment options, and doctors will choose one or a combination or treatments based upon the appearance of your veins.