If your child is in a wheelchair and would like it to look better than the usual silver color, there are some things you can do to make it look cool for him or her. Besides using the six ideas below, ask your child how he or she would like to dress up their wheelchair.

Lighted Casters

Purchase some lighted casters to put on the wheels of the chair to make it sparkle and light up while it is moving. Contact a wheelchair company and ask if they offer these casters. If not, they should be able to put you in touch with the right company that sells them. These casters not only make the wheelchair look cool, but they make it safer, as it makes the chair more visible at night.


You can purchase tires for your child's wheelchair in a variety of colors. Your child can choose a solid color or a wheel with a two-color compound to make them really stand out.

Wheel Spokes

Put baseball cards on the spokes of the wheels so they make a fun sound when the chair is moving. You can also purchase straws in many different colors if you do not want to use baseball cards. You can use clothespins that have springs to attach the cards or straws to the wheel spokes.

Wheelchair Color

When first purchasing a wheelchair, ask if you can purchase one in a different color other than the standard black. Most manufacturers offer them with colored seats, and some even offer seats with designs on them.


During Halloween, put a costume on the wheel chair along with your child. For example, you could turn the wheelchair into an ice cream truck and dress your child up as the ice cream man, or make a race car out of cardboard and dress your child up as a race car driver.

Cushion Cover

Your child will likely sit in the wheelchair for long periods. Purchasing a cushion cover for the seat will make him or her more comfortable. Instead of purchasing one in a plain color, purchase a custom designed cover to add some style to the wheel chair. Let your child choose the pattern they like. You may want to consider purchasing more than one in different patterns so your child can change them out.

Your child will feel much better about their wheelchair once you make it look cool for them. Check out a company like Twin City Stair Lifts to find wheelchairs and accessories.