As a parent, there are always going to be those things that you fear for your children, but teen pregnancy likely comes in at the top of the list if you have a daughter. Whether you have open discussions about sex and protection or not, it is not always easy to know if what you have to say is making much of a difference. If you want to help educate your daughter early about just how difficult teen pregnancy can be to help her understand how much this can change her life, it is a good idea to share with her a few facts and statistics that she should know.

1. It Is Highly Likely That A Pregnant Teen Will Not Finish School - One of the big reasons you should teach your teenage daughter about teen pregnancy is the fact that having a baby can completely change her life, especially when it comes to her education. Only about 50 percent of teenage moms actually get their diploma by the time they turn 22, according to the Centers for Disease Control, which is a big difference in comparison to the 90 percent of those that graduate if they do not have a baby while they are a teen.

2. There Are Many More Health Risks for Mom and Baby if the Mother Is a Teen – Many teenagers who become pregnant assume that if an adult can have a baby, then there is nothing saying that they cannot do the same. However, teen moms are more likely to see experiences with various health risks, including:

  • low-birth weight babies
  • high blood pressure
  • anemia
  • postpartum depression

Teens often do not receive adequate prenatal care from an obstetrician, which can also contribute to health problems of baby and mom. You should teach your daughter how much different it can be to have a baby when she is young and what risks she could face.

3. Teens Who Have a Baby Are More Likely to Live In Poverty - At least 25 percent of teen mothers will have to rely on welfare within three years of giving birth, which goes to show that teen pregnancy and poverty can go hand in hand. Many teen moms end up having to rely solely on welfare and child support to get by, and with lacking education, it can be a different situation to get out of once they are in it.

If you suspect that your daughter is sexually active, be sure to talk to her about the dangers of teen pregnancy. Talk to an obstetrician for more information and guidance about teaching your teenage daughter about the facts about teen pregnancy.