Has your neck been in severe pain ever since your car was rear-ended in a collision? The pain may stem from you having whiplash, which can be treated by a physical therapist if no major surgery is required. Below, discover a few helpful things about whiplash so you can determine if going to a physical therapist is in your best interest or not.

What Causes Someone to Get Whiplash?

The sudden impact from your car being rear-ended in the collision is what led to whiplash. The impact from the other vehicle caused your neck to move in an unnatural way, which caused an injury to the cervical area of your spine. Your spinal cord is actually not only located in your back, but it runs into your neck. The injury to the cervical areas is the reason you are experiencing so much beck pain. As long as none of your bones are broken from the injury, a physical therapist should be able to provide some pain relief in your neck.

How Can a Physical Therapist Treat Neck Pain from Whiplash?

If you have not already received a cervical collar to wear on your neck by a physician, you will be given one by a physical therapist. The cervical collar will be used to prevent too much movement in your neck as you are recovering from whiplash. Getting rid of the pain in your neck will revolve around the therapist getting blood to circulate in the cervical area of your neck. He or she will basically massage your neck to promote blood circulation during treatment. Keep in mind that the therapist might need you to attend more than one session before you are completely relieved from your neck pain.

What is a Physical Therapist Estimated to Charge?

You should expect to pay $10 or more per session with a physical therapist if you are covered by health insurance. Each session with a physical therapist is estimated at $50 and up when you don't have health insurance. Sometimes an extra fee is charged if the therapist must give you an x-ray before beginning treatment. You might need an x-ray if you have not already gone to a physician to find out if surgery is needed or not. Make an appointment with a physical therapist as soon as you can to get some relief from the neck pain that is caused from you having whiplash! Contact a business, such as Eastern Shore Physical Therapy, for more information.