Food allergies are incredibly common. In fact, about 15 million Americans suffer from some sort of food allergy. Some reactions are very mild, while others are severe and life threatening. The important thing is to know how to spot the allergies and how to protect yourself and your children from the negative effects of food allergies.

1. Know The Lesser-Known Symptoms Of Food Allergies

One of the most important things is to know what to look for. Many people would know there is a problem if the individual started having a hard time breathing or went into full anaphylaxis, but many times food allergies do not present themselves in such severe ways. Instead, it is more mild symptoms that become worse over time.

Some of the symptoms you should be aware of are skin rashes, digestive issues, itchy mouth, or even a feeling of anxiety. Many people have a sense of impending doom when they eat something they are allergic to. Children may become irritable and cry excessively when they eat something that they are allergic to. 

2. Introduce Foods Slowly Into The Diet

If you see any of those symptoms, you'll need to eliminate several foods from your diet. Then to test for allergies, you will slowly introduce foods into the diet. This especially goes for young children. The first time you give the child diary, such as milk, do not give them strawberries, too. If the child has a reaction after two new foods are introduced, you won't know which caused it. This is why it is best to keep the diet simple and do only one new food at a time. Once you have determined that the new food is safe, then you can move on to another new food. This will help you learn which food could be causing the problems.

3. Keep A Food Journal

Lastly, you should consider keeping a food journal if you suspect food allergies. With a food journal you write down everything that you eat, even small traces of things. Write down what you ate, when you ate it, and then keep track of your symptoms. It is important to keep track of symptoms for days afterwards. Sometimes the response will be delayed. You might have a day or two before you see the reaction; this is especially the case for digestive issues.

By doing these simple things you can pinpoint food allergies and know how to protect yourself. For help in this process, contact a company like Alidina Laila MD.