Drug addiction has the power to destroy a person's life. In addition to compromising your work and making relationships harder to maintain, this problem can eventually result in death. To help patients that are struggling with addiction, there are professional centers that can provide the type of intensive and supportive care these patients require. Unfortunately, you may discount this option if you believe a couple of fairly common myths about substance abuse treatment.

Myth: Only Weak People Need Professional Substance Abuse Treatments

There are some individuals that believe anyone should be able to simply stop using drugs or alcohol. While this would be the ideal outcome, it is a fact that many individuals may find their body has a particularly strong attachment to their drug of choice. This can result in a dangerous condition known as withdrawals. The symptoms of withdrawal can be high fever, shaking, and erratic blood pressure. Unfortunately, these symptoms can worsen until the patient receives some of their drug of choice.

This reaction occurs due to the body's developing a physical dependence on the substance. Without sufficient levels of the drug, the body may actually struggle to function correctly. When patients encounter this side effect of battling addiction, they will likely require professional care to safely make it past this stage of the addiction recovery process. These professionals will be able to provide you with medications that can limit the side effects of the withdrawal, which can greatly increase your chances of overcoming this urge.

Myth: Professional Treatment Is Not Worth It Because You Will Just Relapse At The End

Another commonly held notion is that patients will always immediately relapse once they have been released from care. While it is true that patients will have to fight their urges to return to their old habits, it should be noted that a skilled drug addiction counselor can help patients understand the fundamental skills necessary to be able to combat this problem. In addition to teaching you skills, many rehabilitation centers provide patients with support phone numbers that they can contact when they feel the urge to relapse.

Battling a powerful addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a challenging and difficult task for anyone. However, it should be noted that getting professional help for this condition may drastically increase your chances of successfully overcoming addiction. By appreciating that withdrawals can be dangerous and that these substance abuse treatment facilities provide extensive support networks for their former patients, you will likely find it easier to make the right choice for your health needs.