Many people develop foot pain for many different reasons. Sometimes, genetics play a role in whether or not a person will develop problems with their feet. However, other times lifestyle choices determine whether or not a person will develop problems. This article will focus on explaining some of the different ways your habits and choices can be harming your feet. This way, you can start making changes to help prevent foot problems, such as bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Don't wear shoes with heels

While women tend to wear typical high heels, they aren't the only ones guilty of wearing shoes with higher heels than what should be worn. When you walk around in shoes that put your heel at a higher elevation than your toes, it will cause more weight to be put on the ends of your feet and on your toes. This can lead to the development of bunions and corns. It can also cause the plantar fascia to become stretched or even torn, causing plantar fasciitis. It's best to wear shoes that keep your feet level. Also, go for shoes that give you enough toe room, so they aren't squished.

Don't exercise on pavement

If you do a lot of walking, jogging or running, then you want to make sure you are doing it on the right surface. Pavement and asphalt is too hard and this causes a lot of impact to your feet with each step. Keep in mind, the wrong walking or running surface can also be harmful to other parts of your body as well, such as your knees and hips.

Wear the right shoes for the job

There are shoes that are designed for different types of activities. The shoes are designed slightly differently so they support your feet correctly when you are doing certain things. For example, running shoes will provide more cushioning to absorb some of the impact and they will support your arches correctly.

Lose some weight

Carrying around extra weight will put more stress on your feet than they are supposed to have on them. This can also cause a lot of problems, such as plantar fasciitis and achy feet. Maintaining a healthy weight is good for many aspects of your health, and this includes your feet.

By making sure you do everything you can to keep your feet from undergoing undue stress, you will be able to decrease your chances of developing some painful conditions. Visit to learn more.