When you have tinnitus, wearing hearing protection when you'll be in a loud environment is pivotal to protecting your hearing. However, while many people know to don hearing protection when they'll be cutting the grass or attending a rock concert, it can be easy to forget to protect your ears in environments that are also loud — but that may not initially seem as loud. Don't take your ability to successfully manage your current tinnitus symptoms for granted. Unless you're careful, your symptoms could worsen. Instead, consider the expected volume of any environment you'll be in, and plan to take and use hearing protection if you're in these environments. 

Flying On An Airplane

When you look out the window of your airplane as it sits on the tarmac, you'll notice that all of the baggage handlers and other airport personnel are wearing ear protection. Around you on the plane, however, you won't notice many people — if any — taking this same precaution. The reality is that while some types of planes are relatively quiet, others can be extremely loud. This is especially true if you're flying in a plane that has the engines affixed to the rear fuselage instead of the wings and you're seated in this area. A pair of earplugs worn for the duration of your flight is a good idea to prevent your tinnitus from worsening.

Vacuuming Your Home

It might initially seem a little silly to don hearing protection when you pull out the vacuum to clean your home, but think about the situation. When the vacuum is running, it's loud enough to prevent you from hearing the phone ringing or conversing with your family members, even if you're in the same room. Some peoples' ears can be sensitive to the volume made by their vacuum — if your ears sound as though they're ringing a little by the time you finish the job, it's a good idea to make ear protection part of your attire on cleaning day.

Visiting A Dance Club

Many people take the precaution of wearing earplugs when attending rock concerts but wouldn't consider doing so in a dance club. The reality is that many dance clubs can be extremely loud, and spending lots of time in such a venue may eventually lead to hearing issues. If you don't want your hearing protection to stand out, opt for a color of earplugs that is similar to your skin tone. If you have long hair, you can also use it to cover your ears and the earplugs.

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