Oftentimes you can avoid having your parent relegated to a nursing home as long as you are proactive. Your parent might be old and no longer in great shape, but that does not mean that they have to leave their home and go into a nursing home. In fact, there are some easy things you can do to make both the home more comfortable and safe for your parent as well as some things you can do to make their life easier with regards to their day to day routine. So, you don't have to immediately jump to the assisted living or nursing home solution. This is especially important if your parent is not looking to leave their home and would prefer to stay there as long as they possibly can.

Retrofit The House To Make It More Convenient

The first thing you need to do is look around your parents home and see what can be done to make it more safe and comfortable for them. This includes looking at things such as the bathroom and the kitchen. These two rooms in particular need to be addressed. You can have the shower or bath retrofitted so that it's not dangerous. If the tub was one where a person has to step in and out over a high rim, you should get this changed. You can find a tub that has an opening that does not require them to step in and out and possibly trip. These can be added to your existing tubs and it won't be a major construction issue. Likewise, the cabinets in the kitchen might require your parent to reach up too high. You could have shelving installed that would allow them to not have to get on a step ladder or reach high and drop items.

Hire A Helper From A Home Healthcare Agency

All of the changes you make to the house are great, but in many cases you are going to want to hire someone to come in and help your parent. You will want a home health aid to come in and assist with the daily tasks. This might include anything from helping do the laundry and cooking meals to driving your parent to doctor appointments or take them shopping. Instead of hiring a person yourself directly, you should look to home healthcare agencies to recommend the right person. They will have the staff at their disposal that will have the expertise and can assist your parent. These persons will be vetted and will also have the proper training.