Receiving a new diagnosis for type 2 diabetes can be worrisome for any adult. In addition to concerns about future health, diabetes patients know they must make daily choices that will have a direct bearing on their overall health. If you have been recently given a diabetes diagnosis, here are some questions you may want to ask your medical health professional about your condition. 

What are the main reasons for the development of diabetes in adults? 

Becoming resistant to insulin is now known to be a leading cause of type 2 diabetes in adults. Diabetes also develops when the pancreas stops producing enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Researchers do not yet, however, know why these problems occur. Human and animal studies are ongoing to try to determine the exact causes of diabetes so that more effective treatments can be offered to correct the condition.  

Will having diabetes put me at risk of other health issues? 

This is an important question that newly diagnosed diabetics should always ask their medical care providers. The answer is usually yes, but the actual health issues can be very different for each patient because it depends largely on individual factors, such as: 

  • age and physical condition at the time of diagnosis
  • prior health issues 
  • willingness to make needed changes to improve health, including losing weight and becoming more active

The level of risk for developing new health issues after a diabetes diagnosis can also be affected by hereditary issues, stress, and personal choices of the patient, such as the use of tobacco or drugs. However, it is most important to remember that type 2 diabetes that is not properly treated puts patients at much higher risk of experiencing serious health problems as the disease progresses. 

Will weight loss cure type 2 diabetes? 

While the predisposition for developing type 2 diabetes does not completely hinge upon excess weight, shedding the extra pounds is one of the most important factors in normalizing blood sugar factors.

Overweight patients who have made positive changes in their diet and activity levels that result in bringing their body weight back into a healthier range have seen some success in restoring normal blood sugar levels and reducing or eliminating their need for medication. In most cases, the level of success has been found to be best for those who have most recently developed diabetes. 

Diabetes is a serious medical condition. Treatment and monitoring by a trusted internal medicine doctor like Harvey Harold E II MD PLLC can best help you lead a more normal life.