If you have recently had a friend or family member transported via air ambulance, you may wonder what that means. When someone experiences a major accident, they are often transported in an ambulance to the hospital. Under some circumstances, however, emergency transportation makes more sense in an air ambulance. An air ambulance is either a helicopter or fixed-wing airplane that can get patients to the medical facility or doctor they need, no matter how far away their destination is. Situations that merit air ambulance include but are not limited to:

Accidents While Traveling

Nothing is scarier than getting injured in a place you are unfamiliar with. For example, someone who is hiking in the mountains of Nicaragua and falls to break their leg may not know where the nearest hospital is, or if it can be trusted. Hospitals in third-world countries are nowhere near the quality of hospitals in the States, and once inside you may be reluctant to receive medical treatment there. Air ambulances can be called in order to transport you from a situation such as this to a hospital you know you can trust. 

A Specialist Is Required

Medical specialists are incredible. With enough know-how, doctors can almost literally perform miracles, assuming you go to the specific one you need. Air ambulances work closely with doctors in order to make sure that patients are able to get treatment from the specific doctors they need in their greatest time of need. 

An Organ transplant

Did you know that one donor's body can save or enhance the lives of around 50 people? When an organ donor dies, the clock starts ticking. Organs do not live long outside of the body, and if you have an organ donor in New York and someone awaiting a heart in California, time is of the essence. Thankfully, air ambulances are there to transport the organs as fast as possible in order to save lives.

Brain Injuries

For victims of brain injuries, time is incredibly valuable. Brain cells die at an incredible rate, though it is possible to treat injuries with certain specialists and medications. Transporting brain injury victims quickly and efficiently is crucial for their survival and quality of life. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons why someone could be transported by an air ambulance. Most insurances will cover the cost of air ambulance if it is deemed medically necessary. This is good for patients to know since a single ride can cost more than 20-25 thousand dollars.