The impact of eating disorders can be diverse and beyond the range of a singular issue. For instance, a person may develop both a binging and a pursing disorder that occur at different times and cause weight gain, poor nutrition, and much more. By fully understanding the treatment options available, people can make sure that they are not adversely affected by these health problems for long.

1. Eating Disorders May Build Off Each Other

Eating disorders can be surprisingly diverse in their effects and the different ways that they impact a person. For example, an individual may have one or more disorders that impact their health and cause emotional and physical health issues. Binge eating disorders can cause a person to gain weight and trigger a purging disorder that can cause them to attempt to lose weight by vomiting up their food.

So one day, a person may find themselves binging on unhealthy foods and then purging up their meals the next in an attempt to balance their calories. This type of complex interaction between disorders will require that an individual get a lot of high-quality treatment to manage these effects. Thankfully, many types of eating disorder treatments are available to minimize this problem for people who have them.

2. Treatments Will Vary

Treatments for eating disorders often start with an assessment of a person's physical health to see how their disorders have affected them. For instance, a person with poor eating habits may find themselves suffering from hormone imbalances that trigger emotional problems that worsen their disorder. By utilizing proper nutrition care, a person can fight this issue with minimum fuss. 

Beyond physical care, emotional and behavioral treatments are usually required for those with multiple eating disorders. Psychiatrists can figure out why a person binges on various types of food—especially unhealthy ones—and help an individual understand how unhealthy these foods are for their health. They can then learn about healthier ways to stay in shape, such as exercising and dietary adjustments.

By utilizing as many treatments as is necessary for a person's recovery, it is possible to fight both binging and purging disorders and to make sure that they don't worsen each other. Usually, it will take a sustained treatment to manage this problem, utilizing high-quality and efficient care methods that complement each other and produce a positive effect that will last the rest of a person's life. Learn more by contacting eating disorder treatment centers.