An integrated pain management (IPM) medical group, is one where you can go to have all of your needs met concerning chronic pain. If you experience chronic pain, you may get sick of your regular family physician offering you little else but painkillers. Fortunately, there are other options. Integrated pain management teams have several different specialties that could better suit your needs. Read on to learn about different teams that may be part of the integrated team, just waiting to help you with your chronic pain problems. 


Dealing with constant pain can take a toll on your emotional health. Fortunately, psychologists at your pain management clinic can help you to deal with the challenges that you may be dealing with because of your chronic pain. There are also some techniques that you can learn that may help you to deal with your pain a little better. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may help you to decrease your pain over time, depending on where your pain is located. Physical therapy includes many stretches and movements that could decrease your pain in some small way, and really, isn't any improvement monumental?

Pain Specialists

Pain specialists are physicians who will investigate what medications you are taking for your pain, and how they may be interacting with your body. Some medications may counteract when used alongside other prescriptions, which should be carefully monitored. Pain specialists have an immense amount of knowledge as to which medications will work best in specific circumstances, giving you the best possible likelihood of finding relief. If you feel that your medications may be interacting with each other in a way that is negatively impacting you, see a pain specialist. 

Treatment Options

Pain management centers may offer treatment options that are unavailable elsewhere. For example, you could have an implant placed that could supply you with pain medication on demand, though it would depend on your circumstances. Pain specialists will know what options you may have that have not been explored before. If you have not explored all of your treatment options before, you may have more than you originally thought. Treatment options can give you hope. 

In conclusion, chronic pain does not have to define your life. If you have been struggling with your pain for a long time now, you should contact services like Inland Pain Medicine. It may be just the change that you have been needing in your life.