If you experience erectile dysfunction, you are in a situation similar to many other men. Whether you struggle to get or maintain an erection, you may benefit from treatment. The good news is that treatment is available for many types of ED.

Are you interested in getting treatment for ED? Here's what you need to get treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Brief Physical Exam

A physical exam is often the first step in the process. The doctor will likely want to examine the penis and testicles to see if there is a potential nerve problem or something else that is affecting the physical structure of the reproductive organs.

Sometimes the blood flow to the penis is part of the problem. Your physical exam could involve the use of an ultrasound to look at the areas where blood flow may be constricted. Improving the flow of blood to this part of the body may be part of the solution.

Comprehensive Blood Work & Urinalysis

Next, the doctor might decide to perform a blood test. The blood test will look for signs of other health issues that commonly cause erectile dysfunction. For example, your bloodwork might show that you have low testosterone or heart disease. These issues may be treated medically.

Your urine can also say a lot about what is happening inside your body. Urinalysis can reveal some health conditions you might be experiencing, like diabetes. The doctor may request a urine test to get a better idea of what is happening in your body, especially if bloodwork does not reveal everything.

Based on the information gleaned during these tests, the doctor may recommend that you work on regulating these health issues first. Whether the issue is low testosterone or diabetes, managing the problem with medication and lifestyle changes may provide a significant change.

Mental Health Screening

Additionally, your erectile dysfunction could have a mental health component. Issues like depression can have a major impact on the physiology of the body, and you may benefit from undergoing an assessment even if you do not think that you are depressed. Psychiatry and medication may be helpful in treating these concerns.

Get ED Treatment Today

Are you ready to get treatment and improve your life and relationships? Diagnosis is the first step. Consult with a professional today to get your diagnosis and a variety of ED treatment options so you can move forward with your life.