Massage therapy is often seen as a measure that can make you feel better, but not an actual treatment for diseases. This is a pretty accurate description for the most part. Massage therapy won't cure cancer, and it won't clear an infection. However, there are some everyday problems and health issues that massage therapy can, indeed, treat or help treat.


Do you frequently develop headaches? Headaches can have a number of causes. One of those causes is stress, and another one is tight muscles in the neck and back of the head. Even if these are not the core causes of your headache, they can make your headaches worse or more frequent. Massage therapy can help lower your stress levels. It can also help ease tension across the back of your head and neck. In doing so, it can help prevent future headaches. You may also sit with better posture after a massage session since your body will feel looser and more limber. Better posture can keep tension in the neck under control, which will also help prevent headaches.

Muscle Strains

If you run, lift weights, or have a physically active job, you may find that you strain muscles now and then. When this happens, you might take a step back, ice the area, and stretch until the strain heals. But getting regular massages could help prevent muscle strains in the first place. Massage will keep your muscles loose, and loose muscles are less likely to stain and tear. It's not just the muscles that become strained that need to be loosened. Often, it is the muscles that oppose the strained muscles that pull on them, create tension, and ultimately make strains more likely.


If you have trouble falling asleep, you're not alone. Insomnia is often due to stress, which massage can help ease. Being tight and sore may also make it hard for you to find a comfortable position in bed, which can make it harder for you to sleep. Getting regular massages will keep your muscles looser so you can find a comfortable position, drift off, and enjoy better rest.

If you are struggling with any of the issues above, it is a good idea to seek care from a massage therapist. Even the occasional massage can make a big difference in how you feel overall, which can help prevent countless, long-term health problems and ailments. 

For more information about massage therapy, contact a local masseuse.