When you suffer an illness or injury to your skeletal system, you may need to seek out medical care that goes beyond what your primary care provider can offer. You need to see a specialist who is trained and capable of treating your bones and joints. Specifically, you may need the care that a highly trained and capable orthopedist can offer. You may heal faster and avoid unnecessary pain by entrusting your care to an experienced orthopedic surgeon.

Proper Diagnosis

Your primary care doctor may be able to guess what is wrong with your skeletal system. However, they may lack the specialized diagnostic tools an orthopedic surgeon utilizes. An orthopedic surgeon can order a series of tests like X-rays or ultrasounds to find out what injury or illness you're suffering from. This medical provider can then determine what kind of treatment is needed to heal your condition and restore your bones or joints back to their former health and function.

Specialized Treatment

Your orthopedic surgeon can also perform the right kind of surgery to treat your injury or illness. For example, you may need orthoscopic surgery to remove arthritis, bone spurs, or scar tissue around your knees, ankles, or other joints. You also may need surgery to put pins in your broken bones. Your orthopedic surgeon can perform the surgery needed to help your skeletal system heal. You may be able to resume much or all of your former range of motion and activities because of the treatment your orthopedic surgeon provides to you.

Addressing Pain

The orthopedic surgeon you entrust your care to may also address any pain you experience because of your condition. For example, you may experience debilitating pain because of a bad knee that needs to be replaced. You also might have pain from a fracture in your arm or hip.

Your orthopedic surgeon can provide treatment that remedies the pain you experience. This doctor may also prescribe medications for you to use for pain relief while you heal and undergo rehab services to strengthen your bones and joints.

An experienced orthopedic surgeon can provide medical care for skeletal injuries that your primary care doctor cannot. You can find out what is wrong with your bones and joints and what is needed to treat them effectively. You can also get specialized treatment to address your specific condition and heal faster from it. You may also get more effective pain relief when seeing an orthopedic surgeon for treatment

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